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Five Tips for Your First Day of Work

Five Tips for Your First Day of Work

When you land a new job position, the important work isn’t over just yet. It’s important to do your best to impress your boss and teammates from the first day moving forward. First impressions are key; your supervisor and colleagues will judge you based on how you act and what you do from the very first day they meet you. It is much easier to start off on the right foot than it is to change a negative perceptions later.

Holly Paul, PricewaterhouseCooper’s U.S. recruiting leader, suggests the following tips to be sure you start off strong:

1. Time your arrival on the first day. Paul suggests: “Arrive early, but not too early, to demonstrate responsibility and passion.” If you’re not familiar with traffic patterns getting to your new office or work site, take a test run or get to the area early, then stop for coffee before going to the office. “Being early allows you to collect your thoughts, take a last minute stop to the bathroom and think about how you will exhibit your personal brand on day one,” Paul notes.

2. Think about your wardrobe. Select what you plan to wear in advance. Keep in mind what other people wear, but, Paul says that it’s “better to be overdressed than under dressed. Pick something that allows you to fit in comfortably. Plan a neat and professional outfit to wear.”

3. Step up your company research. Since you landed the job, you probably already conducted some due diligence, and you have a sense of what the company is about and their values. Now that you will be working there, review the company’s website once more to learn about its mission, lines of business, and culture from an employee’s perspective. According to Paul, new employees should make a point to review recent news about the company and the industry. She suggests: “Connect with people at the company through LinkedIn and read their profiles so you get to know the team prior to starting your job.”

Find out if there are any LinkedIn and Facebook groups for employees and identify professional groups your colleagues may attend so you can network and keep up-to-speed on the latest business news.

4. Ask questions. Paul says: “The best questions show that you’ve done your homework on the organization and that you are ready to learn more.” When you first join a new team, people expect you to have questions. She says, “Take advantage of being the newbie. You will not have the same opportunity after you have been on the job for six months, so make sure to ask even the questions that may seem mundane. Once you have your legs under you, the team will expect that you know more and be ready to contribute and will expect you to begin to figure out the answers to questions on your own.”

5. Take notes & Hone those listening skills. Even if you’re tired or overwhelmed with new information, be sure to pay attention when you meet new people and learn new things. Focus on learning names, which should boost your likability factor. Paul says: “The first few weeks on the job should be spent absorbing, reflecting, and learning… Write down everything from names and positions to daily tasks and expectations. Every detail counts and you will thank yourself later,” Paul says. When you write things down, the person speaking to you will recognize how much you value the interaction and will be more likely to be amenable to follow-up questions. If you can make everyone feel important by jotting down some notes when you talk, you will be on the way to a successful new job or career.

At Choice Staffing, we believe in all these tips for creating a great first encounter with your new company.

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