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We Take a Client First Approach

Administrative jobsHaving employees that can get up to speed very quickly, multi-task and get the job done right the first time is essential to the success of your business. They must have excellent customer service, as well as organizational skills. The last thing you want is an employee who loses data and sabotages presentations, costing the company time and money.

We’ll find talent that can hit the ground running to efficiently complete tasks and provide superior customer service, resulting in happier internal and external clients. They’ll work to increase customer retention and loyalty which means a significant positive impact to your bottom line.

Below are some of the administrative positions Choice Staffing can help you fill.

  • Administrative Assistants
  • Data Entry
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounting/Finance
  • File Clerks
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  • Receptionists
  • Customer Service
  • Clerical Support
  • Medical Support
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  • General Office
  • Accounts Payable
  • Legal Support
  • Executive Assistants

Fill out the form below to inquire about our office and administrative support services. One of our dedicated and committed team members will be in contact with you as quickly as possible to discuss how we can best serve and support you.


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“Choice helps my office run like clockwork. Thank you!”

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